Alchemist Brush Strokes

A collection of incoming alchemical mystical magical offering!  On these pages we are sharing examples and links to some of the wonderful work that is being done by our community.  Alchemist brush strokes dancing with creation.  Enjoy them.  Let us know of other contributions you’d us to add to these pages.

Center of Enlightenment at Koumbi

Annique of Gaia shares on facebook roots and wings and medicine walk

Full alchemical equations with interpretation. Abilities awaken into full blossom with the assistance of a Sigil of Power from Almine.



Barbara-Blessing Flying Insects

Blessing Flying Insects

Barbara Rotzoll posts on and facebook group Almine

Alchemical insights and photography.  Explore with her the weaving of perceptions.





Weekly rune readings for our group alchemy.   From our beloved Ella of the Institute of Runes in Russia, a rune for each level of perception for us to work with during the week, shared on facebook – Almine



Jeanne Temple shares on facebook roots and wings and on Almine diary

RaptureThe recognition of Infinite existence in stillness Arskra-minuvech-haraset




Jeanne and Karen were often shared on Almine’s diary before the advent of her Light Elixirs.



Sitting Tree

Karen Folgaretti  Shared on facebook  and

Rose Petal Feet

Karen has an extraordinary ability to capture presence with her camera.




Book of Leaves and Trees

Phoebe Surana’Mehit shared on and her own website.

Inner Temple

Art with alchemy.  Truly inspirational application.




Rain on the Earth Photo by Almine

Rain on the Earth – Precipitations shared on her blog 

Rain’s dance in creation. Alchemical Poetry and Art

An impending storm warns, A care worn tread, The clamor of a city’s streets, Drops,  As thunder cracks,  Opinions


Sacred Space

Sunny Sims shared on


Sunny’s wonderful alchemical drawings, immaculately received. Heartsong


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