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All things Almine.  Links to on-line course,  glossary of her works and precepts, diary, radio shows, network, store and more.

Contact:  Jan Alvey- Office manager

614-354-2071  or 877-552-5646

Tech support  Team Almine

Almine Russia   Office and the Institute of Runes

Russian Team



Donations to support Almine



 Fragrance Alchemy

The alchemy of fragrances.  Masculine and Feminine scents, special blends by Almine and healing protocols and alchemical ceremonies:  to clear the meridans, activate the DNA, heal sexual abuse, activate the intuitive nature, establish a Unified Chakra field, and remove birth trauma and other genetic memories from the skull.

Individual fragrances, protocol and practitioner sets, and reseller kits and licensing available.

Ronni Naggar



Paintings of Light – The Digital Art of Almine

Gallery of her Paintings, exhibits and awards.

For art pieces and exhibitions contact:

Rogier Chardet, Art Director  at  541-272-9182



Yoga of Illumination

Courses and Certificates in the Devi Satva Yoga

Aranash Suba Yogo- Yoga of Illumination

Irash Satva Yoga- Yoga of Abundance

Shrihat Satva Yoga- Yoga to Clear Past Reincarnational Cycles – Yoga of Dreaming

Saradesi Satva Yoga- Yoga of Eternal Youth

Contact:  Jeanne Temple at


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