Pillars of the Temple

Almine was called to draw the Pillars of the Temple together to be trained with cutting materials that she has brought forth through the Infinite Mother, the Angels, and the Hidden Realms.  For those who felt and answered the call, it is a great blessing to receive, to work with and to bring forth as a teacher, a practitioner and a living work of art, these miraculous gifts and presence.

These directories are for this purpose for inner working of the community of the Pillars, Wayshowers, alchemists, dancers with contradiction in the unfolding journey.  This is our resource together, for each.  Use it well and respect it.  With Blessings All Ways, Rain *

annique and rain 2013 Center of Enlightenment    Almine saw Rain and Annique as a powerful alchemy working together as team, she gave the blessing of the name Center of Enlightenment for our work and journey.  It is its natural progression to become a focal point for the Pillars of the Temple.

Network Directory  share here your contact information and if you chose in brief your special interests


Photos  – from POD, cruises and gathering

Tapestry  – This is our Personal Service Directory.  What is all creation do you do?  Are you a bookkeeper?  Lawyer?  Designer?   And where in creation are you?  We’d like know so we can contact you when we need your services!   Let us know so we can include you here.

*To add your name or website to our directory contact Rain at dancingastherain@gmail.com    Personal listings are free.   Business listings vary.





















































































































































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