The Art and Alchemy of Fashion

rain and annique gownsEach POD was a theme and alchemy created for the occasion, perhaps but a day or two before the actually event.  Colors flew around the room as Rain and Annique brought out armfuls of clothes.  “Black and white- that’s perfect.”  “Yes, frequency and light.”   “We’ll play with masculine and feminine this time and mix them.”  “Adrogynnique.”   “Adrogyrain”

And then there were the gowns.  A blur of satins, silks and flare!

When we began Almine was wearing dark colors, covering up. Something about a spiritual teacher had to dress conservatively.  Among our proudest moments, was when our dear Almine bloomed and come out unabashedly in full colors… like Alice opening the door in the Wizard of Oz.  We loved it!!


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